Super Mega Man 3


A new superhero adventure platform game



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Super Mega Man 3 is a 2-D platform game that, like all the titles in this franchise, emulates the mechanic, aesthetics, and sound effects of the classic 8-bit games, which despite the passage of time remain among the best platformers in history.

The story behind this installment of Super Mega Man puts you back in the year 20XX, when Bass and eight evil robots try to destroy the fragile balance holding the world together. To stop them, Mega Man and Protoman will have to go on yet another adventure and destroy them.

Super Mega Man 3's controls are identical to those of the other titles in the saga, meaning you can jump, shoot, load your weapon, go up and down stairs, etc. It's also completely configurable, so you can adjust the controls in any way you like.

Super Mega Man 3 is a highly entertaining 2-D platform game that will delight fans of the series. It could also be an excellent starting point for all those who've not yet enjoyed a Mega Man game.
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